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May 12, 2013
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Real Name: Juani (last name unknown)

A.k.a: Juani The Mask

Affiliations: The Mask Avengers

Abilities: Reality Warpering


The story of Juani begins in 1980 when is was born, when he was 4 years old, a doctor said that he have troubles in the eye, and can not be in front a screen so many time, or his eyes will melt, so his mother and him went to a pet store where he bought him a bat as pet, because he saw that the animal was funny. Days later he was playing and destroy his grandmother ashes, and how he believed that would be punishment he left the house with his big brother Eugene and his bat pet, Scaredy.

Juani, Eugene and Scaredy were in a lot of wars, specially the 90's cold war, and the Irak war, were they fought for the americans. After been busted, they were in the commando of the General Claremoon "Pretorius" Raymond, with a lot of freaks, a man addict to steroids named Walter who liked to talk despite his stutter, a beauty girl named Nikk, a womanizer named Bob, and a strange man named Jacques.

The platoon were in search of a mystical object named "The Mask" which give the wearer supernatural powers. In the Amazon Brazil, they found a village where they supposed was The Mask, and the group tried to killed everyone in the Village. Juani see this, and saves a blond girl who almost was killed by Eugene. Juani and Scaredy left the group and began their trip back to CityVille.

In CityVille, Juani see that his house has disappear, and build his own house which he names "The Roadhouse" were he gives a home to strangers with problems in society. In 2011, a family came to live in the place, one of the daughters of the marry; Isa fall in love with Juani, despite the age difference. After a time, Isa confesses that he saved her a long time, she was the girl that Eugene almost killed, so she and Juani became good friends, were Juani tried to not respond to her love.

After a time, the platoon member began to being killed by Eugene and he arrives to CityVille where Kidnap Isa and her parents and kill her sister. Juani goes to avenge Isa's sis, and Eugene beat the shit out to him, where he break him, an arm.

After a long recuperation, Juani goes to beat Eugene for a second time, and won, but Pretorius don't happy for that, shoot to Juani in the brain, where he loose great part of his memory, forgotten his parents, his family, and everything before the accident.

Isa tried to make him recovery his memory, but he wouldn't, saying that he preffer been happy that remind his dark past. In that time, Juani falls in love with Isa.

Finding The Mask:

Juani tried to begin a new carrer, and enter to the "Detective School" were he became an Inspector, and for remind his love for "The Pink Panther movies" he began to wear a detective clothes like the Inspector Clouseau.

After a bad day, where he was fired, he find the so longed Mask, and as he didn't remember his past in Pretorius' platoon, he does not reminds what was that, so he puts it in, and became in The Mask.

Juani with The Mask rob a mob bank of the city, and the Kingpin of crime tried to kill him, because he left empty the bank with all his money. Juani spends the money like there's not tomorrow, and finally the Kingpin find him, and tried to "freeze him", but he was so smart, and after a cartoony fight, Kingpin gets mad and is send to a maniacal hospital. Juani saw he liked to be The Mask, and after that day, rarely take off the mask.

Other Worlds:

After his fight with Cronos, a lot of new universe were opened, where Juani met another  heroes, as Captain LuigiKirby64 and The Spartan Hulk, the three became friends, and tried to stop the evil menace in the world, and joined to Internet Celebrities (Smosh and The Nostalgia Critic) to stop the final hole which was almost sucking the earth. Between the help of the Teleporting Fat Guy, they can closed the hole, and Juani, Spartan Hulk and LK take separate ways.

After that disaster, MacGregory, Cronos' Brother, tried to avenge him, but hi lost his memory at crash with steel pipe, and he and Juani became friend as in the old times, but Juani is afraid about if MacGregory will recover his memory.

MacGregory and Isa had a fun day, and they both kiss, making that MacGregory recover his memory, and tried to kill Juani, but Juani kill him with a bomb, open a door to another dimension named G-World.

In the G-World, emo creatures kidnapp Juani because his evil brother-in-law, tried to take the control of the place, Juani goes, and Isa too. In a betray of Isa, Juani left the dimension, but he come back, to rescue Isa, were is almost killed by Lord Harry, but is saved by the Emo kids, where they fight agaisnt the giant symbiote, and win, but in the end battle, Harry tried to kill Juani, but Isa saved him sacrificing herself. Juani make the symbiote reject to Harry and make him blow, but Harry tried to join with it, and both supposely died in the explosion.

Juani spend with Isa her last life moments, but one of the death kids, with a potion for bring back to life the people, revives to Isa, and they're both returns to their dimension, where finally Juani realized that been The Mask is very dangerous.

Mask Avengers age:

After of been acclaimed by his good works, ElvisMask, another Reality Warper talk him about The Mask Avengers Assamble. Juani didn't accept the job offert. But when he saw that Isa and Scaredy join to the group, he decide to join, but for make them quite. Isa says that she likes the danger, and decide to stay in the group, the same thing Scaredy.

Juani see that The Mask Avengers is a long responsability, and decide to quite to his powers and still been his boring alter ego, Juani.

After, when LuigiKirby64 was cheated by the evil Doctor Victor Hurt, he kidnapp The Dark Claw as his new alter ego "Doctor Magnedoom" and Dark Claw is saved Isa, Scaredy and The Spartan Hulk. Juani saw the catastrophe and recover his mask, and goes to battle, where the group join defeat the evil Doctor.

In that same time, Lord Harry to kill all the women in the world, but as the Doctor, was defeated, for second time.
Well, ~Ultibeast did one with The Spartan Hulk, so I decide to do one with Juani The Mask
Next Bio: [link]
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Incriedible bio man :)
JuaniPMO May 13, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thanks =)
My pleasure I love a bio as incredible like that I have read many times :) I love it :)
Ultibeast May 12, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Nice.So Juani is 33 years old?That's half the age Ulti is.LOL =D
JuaniPMO May 12, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Cool :P
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